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SAP Incremental Backup Error

Created: 12 Oct 2012
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I have SAP server over Oracle 11g installed over windows 2008 Enerprise 64 bit.

Actually, am facing a strange problem when am trying to backup SAP server, the problems is that when i trying yo backup the SAP server Full it working fone, Archove backup working fine but with incremental it dosen't work and gave me error ?? in the same time the script that am using for the Full backup the same for Incr backup but ig ot error.

After my investigation i have found that the problem is that the RMAN read the syntax in wrong way ? how come  i don't know because as i said the Full script is the same for the incremental script, with Full backup the RMAN allocate channel SBT but with incr allocate Oracle_Disk channel !!! why i don't know.

by the way the same scripts working fine with another server same configuration and the same codes working fine with SAP over Oracle Over Sun.

finally, the Master, Media and Client installed in the same server, and to be noted that there is issue related to license or somthing like that which enforced the customer to change the machin's date to be in may, so don't surprise if you found that the logs written in 28-May :)

attached you will find the following:

1 - Backup Script 

2- bphdb out logs

3- sapbackup out logs

appritiated your fast reply.