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SAP Offline Backup Error -- Need Solution

Created: 04 Jul 2014 | 7 comments
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Hi All,

SAP offline backup getting failed with below error.

Error bpbrm (pid=1286336) could not write Keep Alive to database client.

Please advice hz to troubleshoot....

NBU Version: 6.5.4



Dilip Kumar

Operating Systems:

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Please attach the entire output from brbackup as a text file to a post.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Is this a new installation that has never worked before?
Or old installation that worked previously?

Have you verified compatibility?

NBU 6.5 is VERY old and has run out of support almost 2 years ago.
If SAP was maybe upgraded in the meantime, there may be a compatibility issue.

All the text in Details tab of failed job may help with troubleshooting - this should help to see if anything is actually backed up or failing without writing any backup. 

'Keep Alive' points to a network and probably timeout issue - not really an issue with NBU.
It will help if you share as much info as possible.

Logs needed for troubleshooting are listed in the Troubleshooting chapter of NBU 6.5 for SAP manual:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Hi Nicolai & Marianne,

Please find the log details attached in text file.

>> Yes, its an old installation that worked previously.

>> Yes, we have verified compatibility & only issue with this perticular mount point other mount points backups fine.

Please Advice...


Dilip Kumar

Could not write Keep Alive to database client.txt 2.59 KB
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Suggest theres a major issue if the server hasnt sent any data in 9+hours. I've never run an offline for sap with agent - if I'm buying the agent then I want to use the online backup as I could do an offline backup without the agent but each to his own. So with more logging for the target in question and on the sap side specficially you should see whats going on.Create the target dirs, modify the perms, set the verbosity to 5 and rerun then look at the logs : bphdb is one of the significant ones.

Best also supply the policy and any scripts you might be running.


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Hello Jim,

Online backup works fine .. only Offline backup fails.. and this one runs biweekly backup.

currently the value shows as below ... suggest me .. shall change as 5.



Dilip Kumar

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VERBOSE=5 in bp.conf is what I was referring to. Odd that the hot backup works OK and the cold not: thats suggesting it could be associated with offlining the instance eg rights or script or somesuch. The logs will show us the way.


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This offline backup - is SAP brbackup tool used to this ?

If yes I would like to see the output from brbackup - out usally located in /oracke/SID/brbackup

Also enable the backint debug log in the logs section if the Netbackup client. Ensure it was 777 right on the directory.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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