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SAV for current Ubuntu/Fedore versions

Created: 15 Sep 2013 | 2 comments


will SAV be available for a current Ubuntu and Fedora versions anytime soon? There doesn't seem to be any support for Ubuntu 13.04 or Fedora 19. According to it looks like not even Ubuntu 12.10 or Fedora 18 are supported.


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This may be available in coming versions but doesn't appear to be officially supported yet. You can subscribe to the link you posted above so you'll be notified when updates are made to it. You can also check with support. It may be that you can install it, it's just that there is no official support for it in case something goes wrong.

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Hi HemdrikH,

Give SAVFL a try on those releases that have come our since MR14 was released.  You will have to compile your own AP module, but I suspect that it should work fine.

A new release of the client for Linux is under development now and should be available at some point in 2014.

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With thanks and best regards,