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SAV for Linux 1.0 MR14 - Does SAVFL use virus definition deltas?

Created: 22 May 2013 • Updated: 03 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
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I am installing SAVFL 1.0 MR14 at a customer site. 

I cannot confirm from anywhere whether or not SAVFL uses delta virus definitions.

So, does SAVFL 1.0 MR 14 use virus definition deltas?

Thanks in advance!



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You can check this article by Mick2009:

It states:

"As long as the SAVFL client is updating every day, the files downloaded will be of manageable size. 

If the SAVFL client goes out-of-date by weeks, then a full set of definitions will need to be downloaded.  That can be a couple hundred MB."

So yes, this means it should use deltas unless it gets weeks out of date in which case it will than download the full set.

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it uses delta however not the same delta as normal SEP windows one uses.

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Hi Cameron,

"Thumbs up" to the above- SAVFL does not use the smallest, custom-generated updates generated by a SEPM for its SEP clients.  It uses the hubdefs and curdefs model that was designed back in SAV 10 days.  New SAVFL defs are released dailly.  These include protection against all known threats (threats that target Linux, Mac, Windows, everything).  These daily updates "top up" the existing protection on the SAVFL machine and should not be very large.

Please do let the forum know if this has answered your questions or if there is anything additional you need to know!  &: )

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Thanks y'all!



Cameron Mottus