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SAV FOR NAS 5.2.11 Licensing

Created: 28 Feb 2012 | 6 comments

Hi there,

What is the licensing model for SAV for NAS?

Is it just a single license per server or different levels of license/data..etc  for Windows 64bit.


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Have found out.

Symantec AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage is licensed on a per-seat basis, counting users who store or access data on a protected network-attached storage device or devices.

Next question - how does this work, if its a service account that access/shifts the data?  Not looking to bypass anything, just trying to understand legalities.

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There is nothing in the product keeping track of users. You have a legal obligation to purchase a license for each seat using the product, but nothing in the product is going to stop you if you buy 5 seats and 200 people are using it.

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Hi Davis,

I am aware of that, but we must inform our customer on the correct licesning entitlement.

If users access the data in a different format on a different system, but a service account/program moves/displays the data, how do we license it?  Does that still counts as 'users accessing data'?

It get a little grey!

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You license it per human being, service account are not counted.

This is more of a customer service question, not technical support. You may want to contact that for more information:

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You can refer to this video post for licensing details:

Its for Symantec Endpoint Protection but sheds good light on terms used in the context of Licensing and how it works.