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SAV9 and 10

Created: 30 Mar 2012 | 4 comments

Yes I know, ancient, however to support a clients NT4 environment we have a SAV 9 install on the NT4 servers, there are some servers without AV on them, so I was going to install SAV9 on them, until later in the year when we remove NT4 and we can update to SEP. Can i still buy licences to apply to SAV9, will a SAV10 licence work with them and will the definition updates still be delivered (I know they will be unsupported and untested but i dont have many options just now)

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Here you go.

As mentioned in the below link it is officially stopped.

Extension related information

I understand that you do not have much options. Note that the scan engine used in these versions are very old and are not as efficient as SEP to handle infections.

You may have to get in touch with your Symantec account rep. 

Hope this helps.

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I have a similar situation and we are trying to move the remaining SAV10 systems to SEP. All of our NT systems are out of luck. I will begin looking at Critical System Protection for our NT environment. It supports NT

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Just adding 2 cents..

MS does not support that NT platform, nor the Win2000 platform that came later, nor even the later Windows XP SP2.

Today's large definitions will not work on SAV 9 - that product was never intended to parse and process the large sizes and engine technologies currenty in use.  Attempting to get SAV 9 to use these defs (and then assuming that the NT boxes can remain protected) is just opening a vulnerability into a network's defences.

"Retire those old NT boxes" would be my professional advice- chances are, the fuctions they are carrying out could be accomplished much better using a modern server or even a VMWare image.

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