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Save without confirmation

Created: 28 Jan 2013 • Updated: 16 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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At the end of a bemcli script I have got Save-BEBackupDefinition.

Now I would like to run the script without the need to confirm the save action. I tried with the -Confirm switch without success.

Should it be

Save-BEBackupDefinition -Confirm True


Save-BEBackupDefinition -Confirm False

I have found examples with -Confirm:$False which also does not work in my script. Why a : ?

Get-Help Save-BEBackupDefinition does not explain the -Confirm switch.

Thank you


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The correct way to code the parameter is -Confirm:$False.  Why did you say that this does not work?

The confirm switch is part of Powershell and not a special parameter created in the BEMCLI cmdlet.  That is why the cmdlet does not need to explain its usage.

As to why the colon, confirm itself is a switch and its value needs to be tested.  See this for a fuller explanation.

P.S. I find it easier to debug a script if I step through each command separately before I put them together in a script.  This way, I am sure that I got the syntax right for each command.