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SBS 2011 restore - Exchange Server issue on client side

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

Hi all,

 I have finally got my restore to work, but now have another issue.

All seems fine apart from Outlook 2010 on the client side. When I login as a roaming user and try to send a new e-mail in Outlook, it sits there thinking for a while with the message "Contacting the server for information". It does eventually (after about a minute) pop up the new message window and allow me to send e-mail, but it's the delay that concerns me.

Also, all users are configured in cached exchange mode. I noticed that the e-mail is not up to date - it only includes the e-mail received the last time they logged in to the PC. I could untick cached exchange mode, but it's kind of a requirement for the system.

Any thoughts?

many thanks


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Okay, I can now confirm the mailboxes are updating fine. Logged in as a few different users and the mailbox updates to the local ost. I can also send local e-mail between the client and server, in its own mini network.

So the only issue I have is this "Contacting the server for information" situation. I'm not sure why the restored image is doing this. I can only put it down to the fact that the restored server is not connected to the internet (just a mini LAN between the server and client), possibly causing a DNS issue? Albeit, I cannot connect the restored server to the internet as I don't want it to conflict with the live one - plus Exchange on the restored server would then start receiving e-mail from the smart host which wouldn't be ideal ha ha.

I think the plan is to be able to restore the DC to an offline environment once in a while, just to prove the backups are okay. It's slightly difficult though when it cannot be connected to the internet.

Otherwise it's all looking good... Cheers.