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SBS2003 & BE12 Blue Screen every 2nd restart

Created: 21 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
As this is the second Server with exactly the same problem, I've decided to give it a try here.
We installed a new Server for one of our customers. W2K3 SBS clean install, all updates / hotfixes and BackupExec12.
At first, we only had the "eMail Notification crash"-issue, but a repair-install fixed it.
Now, every second (!) restart causes a Blue Screen Crash while booting, showing nothing but a Stop Error Message. Turning Power off and Completely restarting the System works fine, BE is running etc. The next restart will cause the Blue Screen Crash again.
This is, like mentioned above, the second Server with exactly the same Problem, except on the other Server BE 11d is installed. Could this be a chipset issue? Any clues?
Frank Heinemann

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Hywel Mallett's picture
When you get the blue screen, there should be a few lines with the error codes and a (usually cryptic) error saying what's gone wrong. If you could get those (a digital camera may be useful if the restart follows very quickly), it may help determine why it's crashing.
Chipset issues with BE usually refer to Intelligent Disaster Recovery support, rather than BE itself.
Frank Heinemann's picture
Actually, there are not really any error codes nor anything else helpful. It is a stop error, but no driver.sys or anything else showing up.
The fault adress is 0x000000 (in brackets there are different memory adresses, which vary and change every time the blue screen occurs). In the event log everything seems normal, and there is no memory dump or minidump which could help finding out where the error occurs.