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SBS2011 Crash Backed Up with BEX2010R3

Created: 02 Dec 2012 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello there

I have a mysterious problem, that one server after a reboot, would come again and again into the system recovery console. Its an HP Proliant ML370 G7.

I restored an Image wich was made with BESR2010. But same issue.

Now i'm thinking to make a reinstallation of SBS2011 and after the installation, i would boot F8 and select directory services restore (Verzeichnisdienstwiederherstellung). And then, make a Restore of the SBS2011 wich was made with BackupExec 2010R3.

Is this way supportet and working?


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If after the restore it is cuming in the System Recovery Console then you might have set the 1st boot device as CD Rom and has not removed the System Recovery Disk from there
What happen if you restart the machine with SRD ? Is restore done to different h/w here ?
Ideally with SBS 2011 there is hidden boot  partition which contain boot file ,I guess I would check if that was backup or not
Please check the link below too
If restore is being done to a different hardware then you will need to disable the Run Windows Minisetup option for Restore Anyware
You can refer too   for using the hidden options


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Thanks for the answer.

Well, to explain you better the situation.

We have two RAIDs.

RAID1 System OS -> Drive C:\ MBR

RAID5 Data -> Drive D:\ wich is a GTP Partition an has the System Reserved 100MB

If i try with diskpart to set the 100MB partition as active, i receive the error message that it must be a MBR Partition. But the system worked with this configuration since 1 year..

In the BESR2010 i didn't have the hidden partition 100MB, because it was not selected for the image.

I tried to repair the hidden partition with different MS KB Articles.. But no way..

What should i do next?


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The hidden partition holds the boot files, so if you do not have a backup off the hidden partition using BESR 2010 we will not be able to get the machine up and running by just using the C drive's

An alternate workaround you can try is to boot the server using the WIndows OS installation disk and run the installation so that the installation just creates the System Reserved partition Once the hidden partition is created, boot the server using the BESR 2010 SRD

Restore just the C drive with the option "Restore original disk signature"

If the restore is being done to a different hardware you will also need to enable the "Use Restore Anyware" option and use the hidden switches( , ) to disable the switch "Run windows minisetup"
Try to reboot the machine after the restore and check if you can boot into the OS

Note : Please specify the error messages that you are getting after the restore if any, screenshots can also be helpful



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The Error was a bootbcd error.


PS: Case closed..

PS2: Big Thank you for your fast answers and help!