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Scalar 50 Slots Not Showing Up

Created: 18 Jul 2012 • Updated: 19 Jul 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hey All - 

I'm having an issue getting a Scalar 50 to show up in Devices in BE 2010. 

Right now, I have the Scalar 50 (which has 2 drives) a Cisco MDS9124 and a server running BE 2010. 

On the MDS9124, I have one of the Scalar Drives, the Scalar TLU, and the server running BE2010 all on the same VSAN and Zoned together. When I look under Devices in BE2010, I only see the HP Tape Drive and no TLU or slots from the Scalar. I've partitioned out the Scalar to have two partitions with each drive on a partition. 

Ultimately, I want one of the Drives to be presented to the BE server for backing up physical servers, and one drive to be presented to an EMC Device for NDMP backups.

Am I missing something?

Thanks - 


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Do you see the Scalar in the Windows Device Manager?  The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer and the tape drives should appear with the manufacturer's name and driver.  If you don't see then in the Windows Device Manager, then BE cannot use them.

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I am  not familiar with that library, but maybe there is no "control path" enabled?

Normally, whena library is partitioned, each partition has one drive that has a control path enabled.  The control path is where the OS & BE see the robot.

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Hey Guys - I just wanted to say thanks for the replies and say that I got this figured out. It had to do with a zoning issue on the switch. 

Here's what I ultimately had to do to get this to work in this configuration, in case anyone needs this in the future. 

Cabling: Cable the TLU, 2 x Tape Module, BE Server, and the AUX0 port on the Data Mover to a Fiber Switch

MDS9124: Create a VSAN, and add the 5 ports to it. Create 2 Zones. On the first, add the TLU, one of the tape Modules, and the BE Server. On the second zone, add the TLU, the other tape module, and the Data Mover. Add the Zones to a Zoneset and Activate the Zoneset. (I'm not a fiberswitch expert, so I'm sure all this was necessary. Hopefully someone can set me straight if need be). 

Scalar: Configure the Scalar for Two Partitions, adding a Tape Module and a Magazine to each partition. 

BE2010: Install the NDMP License and the library expansion option. Configure NDMP on BE and on the Data Mover (see EMC Powerlink for instructions on this). Restart the Services to be able to see the Devices in the Devices Tab in BE. In BE, it will show up as Quantum 1 and Quantum 2 but under Quantum 2 you will see not Tape Drive, which is fine because you don't need it as the other tape drive is attached to the Data Mover on the EMC. On the NDMP device, you'll see Quantum 2 and the tape drive associated with it.

Real brief over view. I can go into more detail if anyone needs it. I hope this helps someone!

Thanks again -