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Scan Engine 5.2.11/SAV for NAS 5.2.11 - Stats Delay? Refresh Rate?

Created: 23 Feb 2012 | 3 comments

Hi, we are using on 2008 R2 Vm and netapp filer (Ontap

When we open files on the monitoried NAS share, it take about 5 minutes to update the stats on the Scan Engine console screen to say more files have been scanned.

When I restart service or reboot, these stats go back to 0 - is this normal?  Are there logging/reporting features like in SEP that should you the virus path/filename..etc so we can keep track?


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Yes, this is normal. You can run a detailed report to see exactly what is being logged. If you want to see every file scanned, you would need to raise the logging level to Information.

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Thank you again.

I have previously selected information level logging.

If I click on generate report - nothing comes up.  If I click export report and then open, it is empty and just says ERROR:

Any ideas!  Sorry for all the posts!

I have selected logging correctly (i think)

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Can you increase the duration for which you are running the report?

Its possible that due to the delayed reporting, the data for this 1 day is not yet present in the database.