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Scan Engine, SAV for NAS, or both?

Created: 06 Dec 2011 | 6 comments

I am trying to implement an AV solution for our EMC Celerra NAS. When I asked the software rep I buy licenses from what I needed, I was told I would need a Scan Engine license to scan files as they came into the NAS....OR....SAV for NAS license if you wanted to scan the NAS. When I spoke with an EMC rep this morning who will be installing the software hook in for the NAS, I was told I need both. (SEP 11.04 or 11.06 and Scan Engine 5.1, or 5.2)

The problems I'm having is 1) I'm unfamiliar with both Symantec products, although we do have a SAV 10 server locally (currently serving WIndows 2003 servers) and a remote SEP11 server (for 2008 servers), and 2) trying to get information from one side (EMC) who is unfamiliar with the other (Symantec). 

Has anyone gone through this process and know what is needed?



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Once you purchase, you simply install it to a Windows server along with EMC's CAVA agent and the CAVA agent will talk to Scan Engine and have it scan the files.

Here is our document on hos to configure Scan Engine to use CAVA:

You can download a 30-day trial of Scan Engine to test before making the purchase. This is done at this URL:

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There will need to be configuration done for the EMC/CAVA software. Either SAV for NAS or Scan Engine will work for your purposes, the SAV for NAS is just a different packaing/labeling of the Scan Engine product.

The basic run down of how this will work is EMC Cellera NAS device will communicate with the CAVA software installed to the same system as the Symantec Scan Engine. The CAVA software will interface with the Scan Engine to get a file scanned and then CAVA will send the results back to the NAS which will then allow or deny access to the file based on the results returned.

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Thank you both for taking the time to respond. 

I have Scan Engine 5.2 installed on a Windows server. I was told by someone from Symantec that under our Symantec agreement we have the software but not the licenses for it, so I purchased what I thought I need for licenses and I think (hope) I have what I need. It says:

AV Scanning - Never Expires
AV Content - Expires Sept 2012
URL Filtering - Never Expires
URL Content - Expires Sept 2012

I spoke with an EMC rep yesterday because I wanted to ensure I had all my ducks in a row before they come out to install the CAVA software which will be in a couple weeks. I'm a bit nervous being so unfamiliar with it all which is why I'm here trying to understand it better. 

So this scan engine....will it work without cava? (ie: can I test that I have it installed and working prior to cava install) Or are these two things that only work in unison? My biggest fear is that I have someone from EMC out to configure their side but run into road blocks because of something I have not set up or prepared properly. 


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You will need CAVA to use the scan engine with the Cellera NAS.

There is a test utility that can be used to scan files in icap mode. It should be located in the ssecls folder in the scan engine installation directory.

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There is no reason to be nervous. Literally tens of  thousands of NAS servers around the world use our product. Our phone support is available around the clock for Essential and BCS support contracts.

EMC is a great company and any time I have had them on the phone they are always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers.

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Excellent info. Thank you again (both of you) for taking the time to assist and reassure me. 

I'm going to investigate this test utility and also copy down that support link in case I need it. Thanks again!!