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Scan single file or folder with SEP 11.06a?

Created: 13 Aug 2010 | 5 comments

I have a need at a customer's site to be able to scan single files or single folders using SEP 11.06a without having to create a custom scan for each file/folder.  Furthermore, even when I do create a custom scan it insists on scanning all the C:\windows... and Program Files folders before getting to the file or folder I want scanned.  This is a waste of time.  This ued to be very simple in SAV, but as with so many other parts of SEP, it appears Symantec forgot to include basic functionality.

BTW, I need to be able to do this on Win7 x64 Pro boxes.

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Sorry, just remembered where I can prevent the scanning of default folders, but that still doesn't make it fast enough when I want to scan a single file.

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open sep interface on the client interface ( the small yellow sheild)
click on scan for threats - select new scan
slect custom select the particular file 

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What a total waste of time. What about right click on the file, Scan with Symantec EndPoint Protection?  Even Malwarebytes has this option.  SAV used to.

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In RDP sessions and in 64 bit OS currently right click on a file/folder will not work.Anyway for bit OS there is an enhancement request present in the Idea session of this form and as per that it is in development.So we can expect it in the near future. 

Ref:Context menu entry for "Scan for viruses" on 64-bit platform.

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So other anti-nasties vendor can get a right click context menu but Symantec can't in x64 or RDP?  I'm RDP'd right now to my Win7 x64 box and Malwarebyes has a context menu.  Sad that something as inexpesnsive as Malwarebytes can but Symantec can't.  It's about time to dump SEP.