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Scanning assets from a template by name (not type)

Created: 06 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Say I have a pallet of 17in Dell monitors model ABCD.

When these arrive I'd like to have an option when the user can select the model either from Altiris or from the Symantec Barcoder on our handhelds and it has all the relevant fields prepopulated (MFR, Model, Location [this only changes after recieving and assigning an asset to a user]). I can create templates for types that show which fields we want per asset type but I'd like something that default values for any models we add into the system. All assets have a model ID so that be what someone would select when scanning/creating new assets.



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With the 7.1 sp2 versions of Barcode you know have the ability with Schronization Templates to create custom pages with the specific fields.  You can also set the defautls for it or rules that will help you do that.

Where you can find these are under the console under Home > Service and Asset Managment > Barcode Solution

Here you will see Synchronization Templates and you create them here.  Then to upload load them to the handheld device you Select them under the Syncronization Profiles.

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All of our assets will use the same fields in the same order, but each will have their own default values for the fields (such as MFR, Model, and Name/Description). I can see were you set the fields you want but what about default values?

By the way, for you and anyone else responding to this: I realize I can use Quick Scan for palette scanning but I still need something that we can use on the field with the handhelds when scanning the assets to select the asset by name first (not the type) and then the handheld will have certain fields already populated for them.

I also would like to know how this can be done when manually entering assets into Altiris.

For those that need illustration: In the WASP barcode asset management system, it will remember the default values you set for fields and save them by asset description..which you can then select from a drop-down the next time you need to scan the same asset (but with a different barcode+serial). What's the equivalent process in Altiris?