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Scanning multiple agents simultaneously takes too long

Created: 12 Feb 2013 | 1 comment


I have about 200 agents connected to one manager.

Our chief director asks us to scan the whole lot of agents and produce reports quite often these days.

The problem is, it takes rather a bit too long to scan 200 agents at one time.

In the past experience, ESM manager can only handle 4 agents at one time, and it even takes more than 20 minutes to complete those 4 agents.

So to scan all 200, it takes a whole day and I have to sit around all day checking on the status, and constanly issueing policies as soon as the ones running are finished. If I issue policies to more than 4 agents, say 5, at one time, then ESM manager chokes and I have to rescan the agents that produced errors.

So my question is,

- is it possible for ESM manager to handle more than 4 agents at one time?

And also, when I check on the policy run of a certain agent, it says 'Complete' but it takes an additional 10 minutes to Actually Complete and the messagebox pops up. This 'waiting for the internal process to complete' is handled in a serial fasion, so if completing one scan takes around 10 minutes, and I run 4 agents at the same time, it takes a total 40 minutes to complete the scan instead of 10 minutes.

- Is there any way to make this process multithreaded/parallel, so that 40 minutes can be reduced to 10 minutes?

Thanks you

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pete_4u2002's picture

can you take the batch of 20 online agents at a time and start scan and slowly increase till the time you feel the overall time is withing the range you looking for.

ESM can handle scanning of multiple agents, to know the cause you may need to open a support ticket.