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SCCS 11 slow client

Created: 05 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Any ideas on why the client connection for sccs (11.0.546.10100) is so incredibly slow and can anything be done to improve it?

If I try to do a search on a standard, it will die.  most other functions are s-l-o-w as well.


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pete_4u2002's picture

have you checked the system requirement guide? does it meet more than what it is said?

is it CPU or memory ?

vfguy's picture

Hi Pete,

My client is sufficient (i7@3GHz, 12GB Ram, etc).


Matt Plourde's picture

What about the CCS App server & SQL server?

I've seen low memory (0 MB free) cause this issue quite often. If you have an all-in-one, SQL just takes all the RAM.

Network latency could also be the cause, though I suspect you'd have bigger problems if that was the case :)

cmccoy2's picture

If you have an all-in-one I would recommend limiting the SQL Server to 1/2 of the total RAM of the box.  That should give enough for everything else to work properly.    does the problem exist on the App Server itself, or from a workstation client?   Also, do you have internet access from your app server.  If not, then there are a couple of things that need to be commented out in the App Server Config file and DSS Config files.  You should be able to find those in the CCS planning and deployment guide.

vfguy's picture

I'm not the admin of this system, but i did a little checking and got this reply from our admin:

With Symantec tech supports advice/help we broke functions of SCCS over multiple machines due to the size of our environment and the number of checks in our bigger jobs..

core sccs app box is 64 bit 6 gig with 4 processors 2008 with a dedicated SQL server

Directory support service is 2 gig 64 bit 2 processors

sccs load balancer is 12 gig 64 bit 4 processors

bindview query engine - 4 gig 64 bit 2 processors

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The search function actually looks at all of the standards in the selected folder, so that is why your search initially will take forever.    You may want to create a folder and copy just that standard into a folder and then do the search.   All of your boxes look like they are at the bare minimum except for you load balancer and it looks like you have upgraded to CCS 11 since the Directory server is separate from the Application Server.  Another factor in client responsiveness is how far away your workstation is from the app server.  Are you running your client on your desktop?  If so what type of ping times do you get to the app server?   Does the client respond slowly when RDP to the app server?