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Created: 29 Jan 2013


So, I schedule a Full job for "every 4 weeks" on "Friday" stating "2/1/2013"....and the calendar/list says it will run 3/1/2013...@#%$...I change the start date to 4 Fridays before - 1/4/2013 - same thing. I change it to 1/1/2013...same 3/1/2013 start date. For BLEEPS n giggles, I make it once a week starting 2/1/ says 2/8/2013...using that "logic" setting it for 1/1/2013 should have worked.

Anyone have any idea how to do THIS SIMPLE BLEEPING thing in 2012? Have I mentioned how "in hate" I am with this version? I have to use it for the next 9 months....but come renewal time...