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Schedule Backup Attempts

Created: 14 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

We have the "schedule backup attempts" set to 2 tries per 12 hours.  We have a few large NDMP backup policies with dozens of file systems.  If one file system in the group fails, the entire policy restarts for all file systems.

I was considering setting the number of tries to 1, but also wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on just disabling this for a particular host or policy.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas!

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are you  using the Mulit-streaming in the policy?

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We have probably about 60 file systems per data mover.  We have a parent job that kicks off the child jobs for each file system.  We use "allow multiple data streams" within the policy.

If 1 file system out of the 60 fails, the entire parent job restarts.  This is causing the other 59 file systems to be captured twice, and even more if our Operations team is also manually resubmitted some of our failed jobs.

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understood.. and this is not acceptable behaiver.

lets see if any one can confirm  does this behaiver is by desing or BUG

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This is how it is supposed to function:

Because the backup streams run independently, the use of multiple data streams can shorten the retry time in the event of a backup failure. A single failure only terminates a single stream. NetBackup can restart the failed stream without restarting the others.

For example, assume the backup for a 10-gigabyte partition is split into five streams, each containing 2 gigabytes. If the last stream fails after it writes 1.9 gigabytes (a total of 9.9 gigabytes is backed up), NetBackup retries only the last gigabyte stream. If the 10-gigabyte partition is backed up without multiple data streams and a failure occurs, the entire 10-gigabyte backup must be retried.

The Schedule backup attempts property in the Global Attributes properties, applies to each stream. For example, if the Schedule backup attempts property is set to 3, NetBackup retries each stream a maximum of three times.

The Activity Monitor displays each stream as a separate job. Use the job details view to determine the files that are backed up by each of these jobs.

See Global Attributes properties on Windows

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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If the job attempts cease because the maximum number of retries has been reached then one can temporarily modify the filelist to only contain the failed stream and run as many new attempts as needed to get a successful backup of the failing stream.

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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I suppose bigdog_40 's concern is the duplicate job run of other successful filesystem stream, it would be a hassle to manually stop all 59 streams and leave just the failed 1 re-run to its completion.

In this case, what I usually do is disable retry for original policy, create an adhoc policy (inactive when there is no issue), same setting with the original policy except in backup selection I would specify only that affected filesystem, and run this adhoc policy. The downside is that it is not automated-retry.

Probably someone has a better idea?