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Schedule Time for GUP to get content from SEPM

Created: 25 Mar 2014 • Updated: 25 Mar 2014 | 5 comments
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Hello everyone,

We are using GUP's in a few of our slow link offices (1.5 meg pipes). they are working pretty good however we want to find a way to "schedule" when the GUP gets updates from the SEPM, even one computer copying a definition update over our slow wan links is too much. we want to tell our GUPs not to update until after hours.

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this? I know its not a setting at least not one that Ive found but maybe a scheduled task to kill a service?

Any thoughts would be great!


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You can't Schedule Time for GUP updation ?

You can Schedule definition updates for SEPM once SEPM can update SEP/GUP client automatic update

How client computers receive content updates

Article:HOWTO80888 | Created: 2012-10-24 | Updated: 2013-10-07 | Article URL

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See mithun comments how will be Schedule defination in SEPM

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This cannot be scheduled and just happens automatically based on the heartbeat process.

If you kill the service, you risk corrupting content during the download process.

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That's what I was afraid of too. Well I guess Ill play with the bandwidth throttle a bit.


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the GUP downloads what asked by the clients, no sense in postponing it after hours, the day after the clients will ask for something newer instead of downloading the definitions of the day before, hence it simply won't work.

There are other options but it depends by how many clients you have on that location and if there's a link to Internet better than the one to your internal SEPM or not.



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If just a client getting definitions is an issue, James007's solution won't work with mixed platforms and every time a client is off more than a day (like weekends).


- SEPM downloads both new 32 and 64bit definitions daily at 7PM
- at the time GUP is on and clients should be off, hence the GUP populates its cache with the content downloaded for itself, 32 or 64bit, not both
- the day after, the clients which need the same content of the GUP will found it in the GUP, the rest will ask for what they need during working hours.
- any client not connected for more than a day (such as for weekends) will ask for a delta that the GUP did not download the day before.

Of course, you may also plan to never switch clients off so they can update during the night but maybe it is better to invest on the network link(s) instead of on the electricity bill.