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Scheduled monitoring

Created: 14 Dec 2012 | 2 comments


We need to monitor a process between 9AM to 9PM since the process will be running only during that time frame. Also we need to monitor other parameters 24X7 on the same machine.

Is there a way to schedule that kind of monitoring policy in altiris?

we are currently using V7.1 SP2.

Thanks in advance.

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Interesting. Sounds doable. You'll have to leverage a rule that checks performance counters and the WMI Win32_CurrentTime class. You could check the hour property and if its greater than 9 and less than 21 hours and your process in doing XYZ then execute task.

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Hi Monitorman,

I've created WMI metric and applied to a set of servers but the metric info is unavailable when i checked in the real time performance viewer.

Any idea of whats going wrong?