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Scheduled scan

Created: 22 Nov 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
I've setted only a daily quick scan at 1pm.
Why, in any pcs, the scan start at 12am and 1pm? Two scans.
No scans is configured at startup or at virus definitions update.
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Did you by chance create a scan template with initial settings, add it to your administrator defined scans, and then later update the scan template with different settings? If so, those changes are not automatically updated in the policy. You would have to delete and re-add the updated template to your defined scans for the changes to take affect.
Hope this helps.
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At the start of the project, the sep policy was defined as:
1) daily quick scan
2) weekly full scan
After a while I've disabled the full scan (too heavy for the notebooks we have).
I've a SepM server and 15 Sep clients.
15 on 15, run a quick scan at 13.00. Three on 15 run also a quick scan at 12.00.
By the Sep Console, I've scheduled only a quick scan at 13.00 (lunch time here).
Every Sep client check for policy update every 4 hours.
Does I need to uninstall and re-install Sep client?
The pcs running the second quick scan, are old and new sep installations (just on the last wednesday).
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I don't think you would have to go as far as reinstalling the client. But perhaps a forced policy update would be good. From one of the clients, right-click on the SEP icon and choose Update Policy.
You can also run the Update Content command on the client from the SEPM console. But I've seen instances where this does not work 100% of the time.
Hope this helps.