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Scheduling backup sessions...

Created: 19 Sep 2011 | 3 comments


I have been having issues with a couple of backups.  The result was that I needed to modify the policy I was running and attempt to execute it again over the weekend.

I encountered the follow error:

Error: e000e020 - The job was scheduled to run, but the availability window closed before the job could start.

I have to assume that because I inserted some backup jobs they conflicted with those that were already scheduled to run.

My question; is there a way that I can simplify the process and just have them waiting in a queue?  I encounter this issue periodically and I find myself wasting time finagling over a time table.  It would be nice if I could get one job to simply start after its predecessor has completed.

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In the policy you need to create a rule, start job B once job A is completed.

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AmolZeroCools answer won't work if JobB has a different selection List to Job A the rule he quotes is desigened to manage secondary jobs against the same selection list (i.d Duplicate or verify jobs) it is not intended to queue jobs one after another with different selections

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You can chain your jobs by using BEMCMD to start the next job.  See my blog below