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Scheduling duplications with Backup Exec 2012

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi everyone,

i'm using backup exec 2012 and i run full backups on disk every sunday and duplication to tape is scheduled on monday morning.

How can i configure backups and duplications's scheduling to have :

1st monday in the morning ==> Duplication with a 1 year retention

Other mondays ==> Duplication with 5 weeks retention

If i create 2 different full backup schedules, for example :

weekly_schedule ==> Every Sunday at 1 PM

monthly_schedule ==> Last Sunday of every month at 1 PM

Am i correct if i say that full backups will run twice because last sunday is also included in every sunday ?!!

All i want to do is to duplicate my sunday backup with different retentions according to days.

Thanks for your help !

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Upto my understanding of your scenario, no it can't be done. It will not be possible to have jobs specific to days and have different retention periods.

Extract of the Tech Article provided as reference:

The scheduler in previous versions of Backup Exec had the ability to run a job :

- on specific dates (for example 10 January 2012)

- recurring week dates (for example every Monday or every 3rd Monday)

- recurring days of months (for example, first of the month or 25th of the month)

The scheduler in current version Backup Exec 2012:

- It is no longer possible to combine multiple options. A recurring schedule can be only of type - hourly, daily, weekly monthly or yearly - in any given schedule. In the same manner, it is no longer possible to define a schedule as weekly, monthly or yearly and to include a specific date (for example it is not possible to schedule a job to run from Monday to Friday and on a specific Saturday).


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Am i correct if i say that full backups will run twice because last sunday is also included in every sunday ?!!

No.  For your proposed backup scheme, on the last Sunday of the month, your monthly backup will run and your weekly backup will be superceeded and not run.  This is because both jobs start at the same time and the monthly job has a less frequent schedule.