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Scheduling an OS image Job in altiris via workflow

Created: 13 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

I am trying to use a workflow web form to manage our image/client build process.

Our current build job is in NS 7.1 and consists of several tasks including the image deployment and post tasks for driver injection, bios config etc...

I require that the image job can be ran from workflow to build both new and existing machines.

My problem is I can not find a way to schedule an NS 7.1 job against an existing machine in workflow.

I have a workflow that prompts the user for some details regarding the build i.e. Compname,user,department etc.. and checks if the pc already exists in AD/SMP, this works well for new machines as it creates the computer in the correct AD OU and assigns it to several groups for automated software policy. When the machine then pxe boots the initial deployment screen is displayed and the win7 image job can be selected.

If the PC already exists, I can move and in AD and add to all the required groups, however I can not seem to schedule the NS7.1 build job against the machine and can not find any documentation that provides instructions on how to do this...

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You might want to check out this video I did regarding building/importing/executing tasks on the fly in Workflow:

There's a link off the video that points to an earlier article I wrote with more info.

If you export the various Deployment Solution tasks as XML, you should be able to get the XML you need to build the task with this video.

Also note: If you're using DS 6.9 or less, there's some handcoded components that handle imaging jobs in the Symantec.Components.DS library (not loaded by default in new Workflows). It looks like you're using deployment tasks through the SMP though, so you wouldn't use this library.

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Thanks Reecardo,

It is and SMP 7.1 task I am trying to run.

Can the execute task component be used to schedule an existing SMP task or can you only run tasks imported via the method explained in the link provided?

can the execute task component only run on collections or can it also be ran on item guids, i.e a computer guid ?

Is there any documentation on the execute task component ?

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The Execute Task component is essentially just a "wrapper" for the ExecuteTask method in the ASDK web service. SMP documentation might have more info on it.

Execute Task, as far as I know, only runs on collections. This shouldn't stop you though. You can always create a collection on the fly that just has one computer in it, and use that collection GUID in the task. And you can clean up/delete the collection once the task is run.

And yes, ExecuteTask will work fine with prexisting task types. You don't have to import a task in on-the-fly to use it.