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scheduling question

Created: 24 Oct 2013 • Updated: 24 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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We are using Symantec Back-up Exec 2012 SP2 and we are using a GFS type of job scheduling.

to achieve our GFS rotation on our weekly / monthly / yearly back-ups we use the following setup:

Weekly back-up: Every saturday

Monthly back-up: Last saturday of every month

Yearly back-up: Last saturday of the year

will this kind of setup cause our back-up to run 3x on the same time when its the last saturday of the year? or does back-up exec use the scheduling list and look for a schedule on that day and when it finds 1 it ignores the rest?

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Here the concept of "supersede" applies.

Verbatim from TECH189291 -

In BE 2012, schedule all jobs for the exact same time or schedule rotation desired. When a conflict occurs, the job running less frequently will supersede the other jobs. Thus, a Monthly job will supersede a Weekly, a Weekly job will supersede a Daily job and, a Monthly job will supersede a Daily.

The calendar view will show the detail of the superseded jobs.