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Scope of application packaging in cloud computing

Created: 21 Dec 2011 | 4 comments


I want to know the scope or future of application packaging in cloud computing. Please share the information if any one has any idea.

Thanks and Regards,

Shaik Kamaal.

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Can anyone help me for..vmware? i want to run online games inside the vmware.(12sky),

i already install the game but after x-trap, it terminates and promping up the error said " the games is not support by vmware"

anyone know the tricks how to works this game?

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Hi Shaik,

can you rephrase the question please? What do you mean by application packaging in cloud computing? You want to create packages on a hosted virtual machine or run these packages on a hosted virtual machine or are you trying to package cloud based apps?


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As Cloud Computing is going to be used by all the organisations, I just want to know about the future of the application packaging(MSI) technology, like in Cloud we have IAAS,PAAS and SAAS components, in these components how we can  use MSI technology and its scope in all the fields?

Thanks and Regards,

Shaik Kamaal.

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I see no requirement for packaging in a cloud computing environment. Application Packaging is specifically intended to provide configured application installation to a thick client. Cloud computing is all about remote data and application storage, accessible predominantly using browser technology.  It is a return to the concept of mainframe computing with dumb terminals, albeit with much more graphical support.

However, it will be many years before the necessary bandwidth exists to support the huge data traffic that an entirely cloud based computing model will generate, and of course there is the issue of availability and security, so if you are currently an application packager, you still have many years of work ahead of you before your skills become obsolete.

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