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Screen saver check On resume, password protect

Created: 30 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

Did Altiris has job and tasks for screen saver?

For the security purpose we want all the workstation has On resume checked for after 10 minutes, when the user forgot do <cntl><alt><delete> and leave their workstation, we want the screen saver kick in, so when user come back they require to log in.

Any help will be really appreciated it.



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The normal way to do this would be through Group Policy.

You could probably write to some registry keys to set these things, but users might be able to change that, ig they know how to mess around with the registry, so a Group Policy that will be set on all workstations would be the way I would go.

In a GPO look at the following:

  • User Configuration
  • Policies
  • Administrative Templates
  • Control Panel
  • Personalize

This is where you can control Screen saver settings.