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Script to initiate backup

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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Hello All,

I have to initiate round about 60 policies , is there any script to do that. If i initiate one by one then its very big headache and time consuming..

Please help

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Hope you are on unix/ linux.

This command will give a list of the policy followed by it's schedules

bppllist -allpolicies |awk '/CLASS |SCHED /{print $2}'
So in this example, both policies have Full schedules, and policy = womble_tmp also has a schedule called diff.

From this output you can create a script containing lines like this :

bpbackup -i -p <policy name> -s <schedule name>

Job done ...


Regards,  Martin
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What sort of backups?

Why are you having to initiate manually & not use NetBackups scheduling?

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Actually server has been rebooted and lots of backups failed. I have to initiate them if i do one by one then its so time consuming. Is there any script that initiate all that in single click

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Easiest way I can think of would be through the GUI.

Under Policies/Summary of all Policies, highlight all the affected policies (in the top pane), right-click & select manual backup.

This will then come up with a pop-up:

"Do you want to begin backups for all clients in the selected policies? Selecting No will allow client and schedule selections for each policy?"

Select "NO" & you will be prompted to select, for each highlighted policy in turn, which schedules & which clients you want to run the manual backup for.


Or possibly even easier, if they're still there, highlight the failed jobs in the Activity Monitor, right-click & restart (not 100% sure if this would be dependant upon their backup windows still being open or not)

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simple script , i think i had thought you or givin you. (Hope you have full backup on Weekend)

creat a file client.txt ..and put all your policy in there

next cat > Policy

do /usr/openv/netbackup/bin

echo " Policy = $line"

sudo ./bpbackup -i -p $line -s < your sechdule>

done <client.txt

make sure you have Policy give permission of 776 /777 using chmod 776 Policy.