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Script Managing Symantec Backup Exec 2012 with PowerShell ?

Created: 26 Aug 2013 | 4 comments


Using the powershell is it possible to input a large list of paths that requiring backing up to tape, however for each new path is requires a new tape to be used. Can this be done, and if so how?

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To put this answer in simple Terms yes that is possible , you can verify the various BEMCLI option avaiable from the below link:

Just some Hints :

Assign variable to backup definition,

like this:

$a = New-BEFileSystemSelection -Path "C:\*"

$c = New-BEFileSystemSelection -Path "d:\newfolder\*"

$e = New-BEExchangeDatabaseSelection -DatabaseName "mailbox database 00902901"

Get-BEAgentServer -fileserver | New-BEBackupDefinition -BackupJobDefault BackupToDisk -FileSystemSelection $c
Get-BEAgentServer -exchangeserver | New-BEBackupDefinition -BackupJobDefault BackupToDisk -ExchangeDatabaseSelection $e | Save-BEBackupDefinition


More information can be found from the BEMCLI option.!!



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Yes. It can be done. You need to use the job definition cmdlets to create 1 job for each path and the jobs specify overwrite. It will be a compllicated script

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Using Get-BEAgentServer It lists all servers with BE Agent installed, however what is the command to list servers that do not have BE Agent installed?

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Or is it possible to access mapped user shares from a server with BE agent installed, via the powershell? Any help on this would be really appreciated.

Many thanks