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script pre-freeze-script.bat antes de snapshot

Created: 02 Jul 2013 | 4 comments

Hola Foro, espero poder encontar una solucion a este problema que tengo.

Tengo Esxi 4.1 y estoy queriendo hacer backup de una VM (Windows 2008 + Oracle) con BE 2012, para poder hacer un backup consistente de mi esta VM quiero bajar el ORACLE (net stop oracleservice) que realice el snapshot y el backup comience, una vez comenzado el backup necesito volver a levantar el servicio de Oracle para que levante la BD.

encontre esta nota en Symantec pero no logro que me funcione....

Que puede estar pasando? he probado poner el archivo donde dice la nota pero no ejecuta lo que pongo en el .BAT

tambien intente poner en el .BAT un comando (dir >test1.txt) para ver si funciona y tampoco....

alguien pude ayudarme? que deberia revisar?

Esto funciona tambien si haces un snapshot desde el VCLIENT?

Desde ya gracias.


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Colin Weaver's picture

Try editing the version of the files inside of C: Windows (if the batch files do not already exist then something is not installed correctly (either the VMware Tools or the Backup Exec Remote Agent)

Please note you can test your edit by just running the batch file, just make sure that if you are testing you always run the pre-freeze-script first and finish with the post-thaw-script to reset things back to expected. Also as the document states put your extra commands near the start of the pre-freeze and near the end of the post-thaw

As a comment, please be aware we do not do any testing with Oracle inside a VM, especially as at one point Oracle themselves did not support such a configuration (not sure if this status has now changed as have not checked recently)

Costa Gustavo's picture

Hi Colin, before Install the Agent BE 2012 in the VM, I have not these files in the Windows, After I installed the AGENT BE 2012 these files are in:

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS\VSS Provider, In this folder are the files pre and post .BAT, not in C:\Windows

In C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\backupscripts.d   there is freeze.bat

(I attached these files as .TXT)

I do not understand how this process works? for what is this file freeze.bat?

for testing I deleted all lines in  pre-freeze-script.bat and put this command:

dir >test.txt

bue I have not the result when I take snapshot with BE 2012 or take snapshot with VCLIENT with VMWARE Snapshot Manager

Is this correct? where I need to add my commands?


freeze.bat_.txt 1.03 KB
post-thaw-script.bat_.txt 4.12 KB
pre-freeze-script.bat_.txt 4.58 KB
Colin Weaver's picture

On my test servers I have



in both

C:\Windows AND C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS\VSS Provider

and as far as I know it is the version in C:\windows I have to edit to stop and start processes during backups

EDIT: I just added an echo stament sent to a text fiel into the start of my pre-feeze file in C:\windows and ran a backup job - this proved to me that it does call the one in C:\windows

I do also have freeze.bat in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\backupscripts.d 

However I have never had to edit this file (which I beleive may be more of an ESX 3.5 thing that even though still present is not used in later versions)

Costa Gustavo's picture

Thanks Colin, I test edit



And now run ok before and after snapshot, I put my command in pre-freeze-scritp.bat after :BEGIN_PROCESSING.-

I have another question for you, If I have a VM on Hyper-V Server what is the procedure to run the same proccess? I need take a backup of VM with Oracle but on Hyper-V.