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script shell monitoring in altiris

Created: 16 Apr 2012 | 5 comments

hi !!

I'm a beginner user in altiris server management suite. I use  altiris to monitor server but i have problems. In altiris I don't know how to monitor the execution of a shell script store in my linux servers ? can you help me please ?? thanks

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Joseph_Carson's picture

Hello Stack34,

Not sure how you are running the Shell scripts, my suggestions would be to have them centralised and initiated via the SMP console via a custom task which you can then monitor the results of the task via a central report.

You could also add some auditing to the script that it will write to a file and monitor will monitor the output in the file.

Just some ideas.

stack34's picture

thanks Joseph_carson for your reply. I simply execute the shell scripts in my linux server. I think your first idea can be good but I'm not sure it's possible to monitor the result of a custom task in Monitor solution. How is it possible ?

AwFuser's picture

Thanks Joseph :)

I need some  help.

 I  have  requirement, i want check my oracle datbase is available or not  from my application server.

for this requirement i wrote a shell script in my  application(informatica) server and inside the shell script  i am calling the  oracle sql script.

i am calling the script from AWF designer by using plink , i am  getting   an error invalid command sql.

but i am  executing the same script from  application  server its running successfully.

is this any limitation with  AWf or else i need to  install any add ons.

Thanks in advance for you  help :)



shivc's picture

Good Evenning

Need to help

I have running a script such as helth check vbscript,But whare showing the status the helth checking.

This Vbscript

Set objComputer = GetObject("WinNT://computername,computer")
objComputer.Filter = Array("Service")

strServiceName = "blaablaa"

For Each aService In objComputer
If LCase(strServiceName) = LCase(aService.Name) Then
Wscript.Echo aService.Name & "=" & aService.Status
End If

Please let me me know where show the report.


Shiva Yadav

RufusS's picture

Hi Shivc,

I'm not 100% sure if I understand correctly.

Using Monitor solution you need to collect a metric to be able to report on it, if you were to run a script and report back the results you were be running this out side the scope of the monitoring solutions as custom Inventory will be able to save the results in the database.

You can try the following:

Step 1: Create a new monitoring policy(Agent base)

Step 2: Create a new metric collect rule in the policy to collect each service you need to check, set the poliing and collect interville.

Step 3: Apply the newly created policy to the target filter you need to monitor.

Step 4: Update agent settings on the monitor server and the target servers

Step 5: In the Monitor console launch the performance viewer of the one of the targeted resources and see that the new policy is aplied and the data is being collected.

Step 6: Set up custom report on the new data being collected.

please let me know if this answers your question, or with any more help.

Kind Regards,

Rufus Swart.