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SCSP policy is not applying to agent

Created: 14 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Symantec crtical system protection agent is not getting policy , below is the exact error


Host Name:        abm-flfh7rr865e
User Name:        Administrator
Agent Version:
OS Version:        Server 2003 Service Pack 2


Message:        Policy Translation Failed: In int_safepriv_ps; <map pset=&quot1;int_fullpriv_ps&quot1; info=&quot1;SISIPS Agent Config Tool full priv for specific users&quot1;>: Unable to lookup id: shoaib
Service:        UpdateThread
Disposition:        F
Operation:        Translation
Message ID:        10133

Operating Systems:

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It looks that you have applied this policy to the server where user account "shoaib" doesn't exists.

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Thanks for reply..................

i observed that Detection policy is getting applied successfully.. but Prevention policy is not getting applied.

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Any user account defined in some part of Detection and/or Prevention policy must exists on the target system or in active directory domain (if your target system is a domain member).
If IDS policy doesn't have this particular user account specified then should be applied properly. So you need to verify your IPS policy settings and remove this user from policy definition and try to re-apply the policy.

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Add a minus sign (-) before the user (no space between the minus sign and the data).  That makes it optional.  This also goes for groups (OU's), lists, and other items in IPS policies.

"Unable to lookup id: shoaib" means just that, the user cannot be found.

Make sure you are on a recent build (at least 5.2.8 RTM) if you want to use the minus sign/optional feature. You are using 5.2.9 MP2, so you should be all set to use this feature.

I think it was added in 5.2.8 RTM, but I am not 100% positive if that was the build it was added, or if it was added earlier.

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