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SD 7.1 New Install

Created: 05 Jul 2011 | 5 comments

We have been an Altiris customer for many years, but never utilized the helpdesk\service desk product. Moving forward with 7.1, we will begin utilizing service desk. I am now trying to install SD in my test environment which consist of 2 DS\NS 7.1 servers and an off-box sql server. I want to install SD on a dedicated server per the recommendations, but everytime I try to install via SMP, it wants to install NS on the SD server and overwrite the CMDB. What am I doing wrong? Every bit of documentation out there addresses upgrades, but next fresh installs. Support has been no help, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The ServiceDesk solution (for SMP) does require SMP for it to be installed. However, once you have the solution installed, you can download the SD installer (from a page the solution delivers) and install it on whatever machine you wish.

Hope that comment helps... or am I not understanding you correctly?

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This seems to catch a few people. Once you have the SMP installed on a server you don't need to use SIM to install ServiceDesk. Open your SMP's webpage on the ServiceDesk machine (or any other machine for that matter) and go to Settings - All Settings and then expand Settings - Service and Asset Management - ServiceDesk and click on ServiceDesk. The pane on the right will show you Altiris.ServiceDesk.2009.exe. Click on that to download the ServiceDesk installer which you can then use to install SD.

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I don't see services and assets management in this area. 



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I just figured it out the other day, you need to select SD from the SIM on the NS Server. That will modify the CMBD and create the ServiceDesk nav that jpellet2 mentioned. From there you will be able to d/l the installer for the SD server. Hope this makes sense.

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Installing a Symantec Management Platform product and ServiceDesk for the first time (Page 39):
Symantec™ ServiceDesk 7.1 SP1 Implementation Guide

The confusing part usually is the difference between ServiceDesk Solution and ServiceDesk itself. ServiceDesk itself is regarded to as ServiceDesk Application software in documentation.
- ServiceDesk Solution is similar to all other SMP solutions and it's function is to facilitate the ServiceDesk server communication with SMP.
- ServiceDesk Application Software is software that goes on the actual ServiceDesk server. Installer for this can be downloaded from the location mentioned above after ServiceDesk Solution has been installed onto SMP server.

Steps in short:
1. Install or have SMP server
2. Install ServiceDesk Solution on SMP server (using SIM)
3. After ServiceDesk Solution installation, open Symantec Management Console and go to:
Settings > All Settings > Service and Asset Management > ServiceDesk > ServiceDesk
4. Download the ServiceDesk installer from that page
5. Use the installer you downloaded to install ServiceDesk onto ServiceDesk server

Regarding Step 5, please follow this document for ServiceDesk server installation:
Installing or Upgrading Servicedesk 7.0 MR2 to 7.1 - Using a Domain-based Service Account