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SD 7.5: How do I search tickets through their title or description

Created: 08 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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I was very suprised to learn that even with SD 7.5 (the 6th? version of this product), there is still no easy out-of-box way to free text search incidents through title and/or description.

Or have I missed something?


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Actually there is an option when you create an report to add a free text search on all fields. If my memeory is correct it should be under process data. Attached a report I created for 7.1.

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Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility

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I really appreciate the effort of answering me and also for the copy of the report but this is not what I am searching for.

However, the way to search tickets through reporting is too non-friendly than the standard way to free text search, like google, which all of the customers both are used to and expect. It is so well known and used by a variety of products so it has become a standard way to search for items.

My customers expects a simple box where they can print text with or without wildcards and the press search and it is really hard to explain why they can't have this.

Anyone who can shed some light over why this functionality isn't i SD or give me good arguments on how to present a reasonable explanation of why they can't have this type of functionality?

Thanks in advance!!!

Cheers, Patrik

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Apparently this is supposed to be coming with the spring/summer release with a real search form but I agree it's long overdue.

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Thanks for the input Aruyanos. Anyone from Symantec that second the statement about an upcoming search form??

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This has been a major pain point for us since the beginning.  My group finds it unbelievable that a major ticketing system/database application would be released without any out of the box search features.  Thankfully, a member of this forum provided a custom report to help us out about a year ago, but it does not have the expected performance to process through all the records in our system that a solid search feature would have.  I really hope to hear something positive from Symantec about addressing this request in the very next release.