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SD 7.5 MP1 CM Date and Time in Ticket Overview

Created: 27 May 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2013 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 includes the much needed ability to define an implementation date and TIME for CM.  I notice however that the Ticket Overview for the CM process view only shows the date and not the time.


Is there a way to make this display both the date and time? I know other reports can be used to see this but it would be rather useful in the process view.

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Hi Lark,

Did you upgrade from 7.5 to 7.5 MP1?

Or, did you perform a clean install of 7.5 MP1?

Kindest Regards,




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This is after an upgrade. Based on your screenshot it looks like the date and time should be visible. Is there a way to change this for an upgraded install?

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Just to update this, on a full uninstall and re-install I now have both date and time showing for Planned Start and Planned Completion in my lab.

So it looks like its restricted to upgrades only.  I'll log a support case.

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When upgrading from ServiceDesk 7.5 to SD 7.5 MP1, did you run the upgrade on Workflow Server/Portal as well?

Some of the fixes (including this one) are actually on the Workflow side and thus need a newer Workflow version.

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Thanks for responding toomas,

Yes Workflow was upgraded prior to upgrading MP1.  Just comparing my clean install with the upgrade install both have the same version of workflow installed : 7.5.2001.571.  This was obtained from running the ServiceDesk installer.

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This web part displays only a date when the profile data type is Date. Check the profile to see if this is the case. Otherwise, if it's DateTime it displays time as well.

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As RHamner stated above the issue is caused by how the data type is defined in the Profile Definitions. Prior to the release of MP1 Change Management wasn't concerned with the time of a change simply the date. 

To resolve this issue you simply need to regenerate the Profile definition for Change Request and Plan Overview. Click the lightning bolt and choose edit. Then once its opened simply click the Generate button.

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Excellent thanks - sorted!

For anyone else with the same problem you can find the profile definitions in Admin > Data > Lists and Profiles in the menu in Process Manager

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There is now a public KB article about this issue as well:
TECH206735 - Change Management ticket page only shows dates and not times for Planned Start and Planned Completion fields.

Based on what we have seen this far, this does not seem to be a very common occurrence.

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But this would affect any upgrade from SD 7.5 to SD 7.5 MP1 right?  I guess it all comes down to how many people have SD 7.5 AND are actually using the CM module.

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It does not seem to affect all upgrades from SD 7.5 to SD 7.5 MP1. When looking into this, we were looking at 5-6 upgraded installations and only one had this issue.