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SD 7.5.1 Unable to define a Change Date and TIME

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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In ServiceDesk 7.5.1 Change Management you can only define a date for a change - not a date and time.

I can see this is the case in 7.1 SP2 too but have not checked previous versions.

How are people working around this?  Just specifying the start time in the implementation plan?

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As a follow up on this, the only place I've found that you can change the time of day for a change is from within the Calendar. If you click on the ticket in that view and choose "Edit" you can modify the date AND time of the change.

That same edit windows cannot be accessed from the Change Ticket and even worse, the changes to the schedule are NOT reflected back in the change ticket planned start and planned completion fields.

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One thing I noticed in SD 7.1 SP2 re: the implementation_start_date ProfileValueDefinitionName in the ProfileValueDefinition table... it's a Date. Unsure what the ramifications would be but you can probably flip the DataType of the row to be a DateTime... that might allow you to capture the time.

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Unfortunately at this time Change Management is designed to function only at a date level. Modifying this functionality to function down to a specific time has been submitted as an enhancement for a future release.

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In 7.5.1 the ChangeRequestObject (Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Core.DataTypes.ChangeTicket) has properties PlannedStartDateTime and PlannedCompletionDateTime which seem to hint that its a standard datetime type.

My pick is the ticket details window is simply filtering out the time component.  Perhaps theres a good reason for that?

I've not done any further digging in the db for this yet as I'm trying to follow in the spirit of minimising customisation of 7.5.1.

I was really hoping someone might share any technical or non-technical methods they might have employed to work around this restriction.  For example the time is often quite important for businesses with strict change windows for certain services.  Such windows might dictate changes can only occur between 10pm and 2am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Although you could assume the change implementer would know and only implement during such a window there is always the possiblity they might be having a bad day and implement at the wrong time.  

The simplest solution seems to be to include an implementation time warning in the implementation plan.  I'm just wondering if anyone has come up with something more clever than that.

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I had the same problem in 7.1 SP2 and i went into the SD.ChangeManagmentSimple and SD.ChangeManagmentSimple.Request and deleted the existing date field and replaced it with a datetime field. This worked perfectly; unfortunately in 7.5 they have locked things down. I am going to see if anyone else knows what can be done b/c it is important for my environment.

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May be important to note that all dates & times saved for Change Management are considered to be in the time zone of the ServiceDesk server. This can cause some display issues with users in different time zones.