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SD Concurrent Usage

Created: 15 May 2012 • Updated: 15 May 2012 | 7 comments

Does anyone know how to find out how much concurrent usage at any one time on Altiris Service desk 7.1

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From a DB perspective, you can try querying the ProcessUserHeartBeat table. This stores all heartbeats going on in PM at the moment. You'd probably want to filter down to DISTINCT userID/IP combinations where EndTimingDate is not null.

As far as IIS goes, there's IIS logs... though reading those could get to be a pain. You might be able to use a 3rd party tool like Fiddler to get the data real time.

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Hi Leon,

I don't know this is exactly what your looking for, but there is a basic 'licensing information' report available which displays who is currently using a license from which IP address.

below: Reports - Default

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Thanks for the responses.

We have used the standar report but it only shows a snapshot of who is logged in at that particular time.

Ideally i am looking for trend analysis to see how many we have logged in over a period of time.


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Leon - Are you trying to assess licensing needs or just want to report on how many people are logged in to SD at a time?'s picture

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the response.

In all honesty it will probably be a little of both.

I want to see if we we are close to our licence limit to see if we can roll out to further users but wont purchase further licences if we are not close to the limit.Leon

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Leon - I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but in SD licenses are only consumed when a worker has a process view open.  So if you have 40 workers logged in to Process Manager and only 2 workers with open process views, you would only be consuming 2 licenses.

End users who are listed as a process contact on the ticket will not consume a license when they open the process view.

The standard report mentioned above will tell you how many licenses are being consumed in real time.  There is no trending report.  What I did was checked the report every couple of hours for a week and did some trending myself.  I was able to go from 40 licenses to 15 saving alot of money.

I hope this information is helpful, if you didn't know it already.  This is my understanding of how licensing works in SD.  If anybody notices anything in these statements that are incorrect please correct me.



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The standard Licensing Information report does not filter out users who are the Primary contacts of an incident who is currently viewing their incident.  Thus the report only shows who could potentionally be consuming a license at that moment. An updated report has been made available which does show who is currently consuming licenses.