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SDR On Virtual Machine Crashes When Connecting to Server - Memory Cannot Be Read

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

When trying to restore a physical machine to a virtual machine, using BExec 2012 SDR, the SDR Recovery crashes when trying to connect to the Backup Exec Server.

The error given is from bedrwiz.exe and states:

The instruction at 0x011f1532 references memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.

Any suggestions as to why this may be ocurring?

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Colin Weaver's picture

According to one of our developers this can happen if at least one SSP enabled backup job has at some point failed on the media server and that failed job leaves an invalid catalog reference behind that causes a problem to remote SDR and crashes BEDRWIZ.exe. It is being treated as a known issue and I will try and find out why we have a known issue that has not had an actual article written (however I belive it is just an oversight due to how the condition was identified internally first instead of via a customer case.)

Unfortunately at this current time it is likely that a public fix may have to be part of the next core release of Backup Exec. I do however have a possible workaround that makes the process slightly more manual but should work and have attached a pdf containing the process. Sorry the screenshots are in Italian but the pdf was generated to help an Italian customer and we used his custom SDR disk to create the notes.

Just to provide some background detail.

When you do a remote SDR, the .DR files created during the backup are not used, instead we look in the catalogs on the media server and generate the same information that way. When you do a local SDR, the .DR file is used along with the backup data to recover the system and the catalogs themselves are not used. Hence the workaround in the attached document uses the local SDR process but maps a connection to a share on the remote media server to do it. (the share needs to be where the Disk Storage folder is loacted which should also have a copy of the correct .DR file)

SDR-Workaround.pdf 676.7 KB