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Search for a Computer/Host Name Via PGP Disk ID

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

We've run into a situation where our tech team was cloning hard drives as a way to speed up a tech refresh project and inadvertedly cloned 200 device IDs as the same for our encrypted laptops.

Is there a way to search with the Disk ID in the PGP Universal Console to see get the computer names/hostnames to see which machines are affected?

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I don't think there is a way to search device ID in the Web Console.

Try this:

Log on to putty with root & run this command, copy this command & paste in putty:

psql -q -A -F ";" -U ovidrw -d oviddb -c "select cd.device_id AS \"DEVICE ID\", cm.hostname AS \"MACHINE HOSTNAME\" from client_device as cd left join client_machine_client_device as cmcd on (cd.uuid=cmcd.client_device_uuid) left join client_machine as cm on (cmcd.client_machine_uuid=cm.uuid)" >Export_ManagedClients.csv

Log on WinSCP & move the file named Export_ManagedClients.csv to your PC.

Sort this file in excel & remove duplicates.

You'll have 2 columns, one with device IDs & the other with Computer hostnmes.

Does this help?

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If you need any clarification regarding the command, please ask.