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Search in "Configure Explicit Group Update Providers" table

Created: 11 Jul 2013 • Updated: 11 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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In one policy for explicit group providers we have over 1000 GUPs and subnets listed.  When troubleshooting an issue with a specific IP address or subnet, there is no way to search or sort in this table.  I can't even select all and copy it into excel and search for an IP address. This is very frustrating limitation of the software.  Is there any way to enable such functionality?

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ᗺrian's picture

Doesn't appear to be a way.

You could do a search for Computer where GUP = True and export those into a spreadsheet. Not sure if it will give you exactly what you need but it gives the IP address of the GUP so perhaps that may work?

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Not really what I was looking for.  I wish they would put this functionality in the next release.  Your idea about doing the search for GUP=True is a good one, and I will try utiliziing that meanwhile.

Thank you!

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You may want to try following the below article instead:

This describes how to view an LU policy in Excel to see and change explicit GUP assignments.  This will be more accurate than just searching for GUPs, as not all GUPs necessarily have Explicit assignments (and vice versa, not all endpoints defined as an Explicit GUP are actually GUPs).