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Search Icon on the toolbar

Created: 09 Dec 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments


Here's the story....

We do not allow users to see any of the icons on the toolbar in Outlook. They don't get to see the retrieve, search, archive, etc buttons. Our desktopsetting.txt file has values of all zeros for these buttons. I am aware that we can set a registry value to ignore that desktopsettings file and then they see all of the icons.

I have a situation were I would like to give ONLY two users access to the search button but none of the other buttons. How do I get around not enabling this for all users and just those two users and just that one button?

All help appreciated.


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David Messenger 2's picture

Search is just a web page. searcho2k.asp so send them a link to that they can put in their favourites.

We do something a bit similar. We don't roll the Archive Explorer button as 8,000 odd users are still on IE4 (doh!) instead we put a link on the search02k.asp page so if they click on the search button they can link to AE. We do other things there as well (like telling them how much of their Vault they have used up - we quota).

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You should just be able to add the following regkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault \Client\SearchBTNVisible = 1 (Dword) (or 2 for menu option as well) for each user and it should overide what is set in the desktop policy.


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Hey Ghost,

well you learn something new every day! Is that documented?

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This is great! However, for some reason I can't get it to work. I can add some of the other button registry entries and they show up on the tool bar but this one just won't show up.

I am putting DWORD SearchBtnVisible = 1

Any idea what might be giving me the trouble?

I really apprciate the help.


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Nice! Next time I will test before I blab. Ironically I got the list from the documentation and as I have used some of the others before assumed that would work as well..

I would raise a bug with Symantec. Personally I think that what works for one should work for all.


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Even though they are button are they not delivered in different ways? (.DLL wise I mean?) I know we couldn't find a way to deliver the AE button only to some clients.

Send them the searcho2k.asp as a IE link....