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Search terms for Discovery Accelerator

Created: 08 Jan 2014 • Updated: 09 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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I am after a sanity check please.

For a Discovery Accelerator search I need to Search the following:

Date Range 2006 - 2010 (this I have)

To or from: Custodian1 or Custodian2 or Custodian3 (again this i have)

Subject or content: keyword1 OR keyword2 OR keyword3

and Filter1 OR Filter2 OR Filter3

In so much that if Custodian1 sent an email with Keyword1 only, I dont want to get it I only want to capture it if Custodian1 sent an email with Keyword1 AND Filter1.

So should my Subject or content search look like this:

 keyword1 keyword2 keyword31+Filter1 Filter2 Filter3


If I just add another Subject or Content Seach term it just adds OR variables I think.


Operating Systems:

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Keywords in a single search term field are understood to use the OR operator. If you add a second search term field it is understood to be an AND operator with the terms of the first field. Thus:

Custodian1 OR custodian2 OR custodian3
Keyword1 OR keyword2 or Keywoord3
filter1 OR filter2

By using multiple Search Term fields you can create AND requirements.

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So you mean this:


So why not:

keyword1 keyword2 keyword31+Filter1 Filter2 Filter3

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Yes, your screen shot is what WITSEnd meant.  Your example of this;

Keyword1 keyword2 keyword31+Filter1 Filter2 Filter3

Would only give you (Keyword1 and Filter1) or (keyword2 and Filter1) or (keyword31 and Filter1) or (Filter2 and Filter1) or  (Filter3 and Filter1) because the other words do not have a + in front of them.

Much simpler just using the third criteria box.