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Searching Journal Archive/Index rollup

Created: 07 Mar 2011 • Updated: 10 Mar 2011 | 7 comments
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Hello All,

My Journal archive has 5 index roll overs.  When I search the Journal Archive, my search are spilt into various dates, which assume is my 5 index roll overs.  My dates only go back to September 2007, but we've been journaling e-mail since 2004.  Also, I'm missing some dates from 2009 as well.  Does anyone know why these dates would be missing?   

A few months ago I had to move the index to a new partition because of drive space, all the indexes are pointing to the correct drive.   

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from the VAC look at the properties on your journal archive. have a look at the index volumes tab and see if any are failed, offline, or rebuilding. also, scroll over to the 'failed items' column and make sure there aren't any of those either.

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I don't have any Failed, offline or Rebuilding indexes, all show a status of "Normal", however the first index there are 5 failed items, index 2 and 3 show "not set" and index 4 and 5 show "0"

Should I update or rebuild the index 1, 2 and 3?

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do you run expiry at all?
the index volumes are most likely all ok, but could you post a screenshot of the journal archives index volumes tab?

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We don't run expiry.  Attached is a screenshot of the index volumes

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can you do a screenshot with it more to the left please

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I don't actually think theres anything wrong as such, the roll over dates in the search are painful to look at, theres no doubt about that, but what i would suggest is if you're worried about it, is to run some searches through


1. Uncheck the Search Attachments button
2. Sort Results By: "Sent/Received Date, Oldest First"
3. Items "100" per page and set to medium
4. Press the Search button

Go through each of the rollovers and note the dates of the oldest onces, like you said, if you've been journaling items from 2004 you should see search results from 2004 if thats when they were sent received.

Also repeat the same search as above but this time to a date range
From 12/29/2008 To 03/24/2009 and see if you have the email from the "missing" date range

Re-indexing won't really make any difference