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Searching in a user's vault & massive cancellation

Created: 26 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi .

i've go 2 questions :

1) when i try to search archived email in a user's (user A) vault i got this error message : "Error during the execution of the requested action" (sorry for bad translate) , if i try to search in user B vault the operation work correctly.

if i log on the EVserver from another computer (using the same credential - administrator) the search operation work correctly for both user : A and B

2) is there any method to make massive delete of archived email? or i can only delete sought items? (so the maximus number of item that can be deleted is 50)

thanks for help!

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Bulk archived items can be deleted from the archive using the Archive Explorer, Search utility or Outlook Client.
However it is not recommended to delete more than 1000 items at once. 
If you wish to mass delete items in a folder please see here:
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how can i delete more the 50 mail from the browser searching?

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Try browsing to


Select 500 items to display

You should be able to select and delete 500 items

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thank you so much!

i've got a problem with this type of delete .

After 2/3 delete (about 1500 archived email) i make a new search , found 9847mail , then i select another group of 500 mail (the first page) and delete them.

The operation sems to be completed successfully but when make a new search i found again 9847 mail.

The system hasn't deleted the selected email , but he give me positive message about the operation.

any ideas?

sorry for bad english