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Secars / Radius Server Error & Wireless N connection problems

Created: 25 Oct 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 13 comments
Philonius's picture
Daily I am receiving two Application Log Errors on my server. Event 4096 Secars "Create Log File Error", and Event 4097 "Failed to start Radius Server." The radius port may be used by another process". Since we are not using a Radius Server, these are not surprising. Where is the option to turn off the use of 802.1x authentication? I saw in Help that you can use the client for Transparent Authentication, but of course, where it says the options are, they are not...
Also when one of my Vista workstations is rebooted, it's having a helluva time getting reconnected to the server and the internet. I have to go through gyrations of repairing the connection, disabling, enabling the N adapter, and ***eventually*** I get reconnected. Not sure if it's related or not.
Also of note is that my Exchange Account in Outlook takes 5-10 seconds to open each successive email. Somewhat disconcerting.
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Daryl Sensenig's picture
It seems that you are not the only one having this problem. I am having it too. So far, there has not been a resolution from Symantec as far as I can tell. I'll be watching this thread for updates.
Carsten Hoffmann's picture
Hi Philip,
are you running IAS Internet Authentication Service or some other RADIUS server on the same machine as the SEPM? If no application uses IAS you can simply un install it (Add Remove Software / Windows Components) If some application is using IAS  (or some other RADIUS Server) you will have to change the port. For IAS follow these steps.
Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Internet Authentication Service
In the Properties Page change the port 1812 to some port you are not using.
Restart the IAS
Don't forget to change the port in any application that might be using the IAS (VPN, Switches if using 802.1x, ...)
Mornay's picture
Hi Carsten
What happens if IAS is not installed at all and this error occurs?
Philonius's picture
Hello Carsten;
IAS is not installed - never has been. However, SEP thinks it is.
Carsten Hoffmann's picture
Can you perform a netstat -a to see if anything is listening on 1812 ?
MJL's picture
I am not experiencing the problems with Wireless N (we have a hard wired network), but the secars log errors described above are identical on our server.
Firstly, I feel it would be helpful to clarify the server versions in use... we are experiencing this error on Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003, which has SP2 loaded.
I have run a netstat - a, and port 1812 is not listed at all (as far as I can see).
Hope that helps... looking forward to some resolution!
Kenneth Sheppard's picture
I too am experiencing the same exact issue with the secars errors.  It started the very day that I installed SEP 11 to my Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 R2 with SP1.  The server is actually only running the SEP manager and I avoided installing the SEP 11 client to the server due the the many reported issues with file shares.  The server is still running the SAV 10.1.4 client.  I have run a netstat - 1 command and nothing is running on 1812 nor is IAS installed under the Windows components.
Philonius's picture
Nothing indicating port 1812. Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2 - seems there is a pattern judging from the most recent posts.
ObieOne's picture
Hi all,
I seem to have same issue.
Little more dig in:
SBS2003R2 Premium with both ISA and SQL enabled.
Fully patched incl. SP2.
No IAS and no Radius server. Never ever been installed aswell.
Noting running on port 1812.
We did not install the server client AV software pack. Only the clients run AV in this case.
I am receiving the Event ID's 4096 and 4097 only once a week however.
If somebody find a resolution I'll love to hear from it.
treyp's picture
I too am experiencing the same issue.  I am running SBS2003R2, without IAS running.
MealMagic's picture
I am also experiencing the same Secars event being logged.
This is happening on all 5 of my servers running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard with Service Pack 2 installed and fully patched.
vinnie's picture
I'm just curious as to why Symantec would choose such a commonly-used port for this software, knowing it would create problems. I guess the whole world is supposed to reconfigure their VPNs (or whatever) just to accomodate Symantec, huh. If you guys hadn't guessed by now, I'm obviously using RADIUS authentication on port 1812, also obviously fed up with "new and improved" software from Symantec.
Good luck with all your "unexplained" errors - at least I know where mine originates... .
Adrie Lute's picture
I fully agree with Vinnie. IAS is installed on our network to authenticate VPN requests on the firewall. No way I am going to change the port number for that. I expect Symantec to make their service customizable so I can pick another port for it.