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security patches from Altiris

Created: 19 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 May 2013 | 1 comment
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How to deploy the security patches on client systems from Altiris Server?

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Read the below

Altiris™ Patch Management Solution for Windows 7.1 from Symantec™ User Guide

Please go the page number 48 on above link - DOC3505

Altiris™ Patch Management Solution for Windows 7.1 from Symantec™ Release Notes

Distributing software updates(For more detail go to DOC3505)

After you stage software bulletins and download the associated software updates,

you must create software update policies that deploy software updates to the

appropriate computers.

See “Staging software bulletins” on page 47.

The SoftwareUpdatePolicyWizard page lets you create software update policies.

The policies that you create are stored in the Manage > Policies > Software >

Patch Management > Software Update Policies folder. You can view the details

of the policy and change settings if necessary.

To distribute software updates

1 In the Symantec Management Console, on the Actions menu, click Software

> Patch Remediation Center.

2 In the right pane, in the Show drop-down box, click Microsoft Compliance

by Bulletin or Adobe Compliance by Bulletin, and then click the Refresh


These reports let you see which updates the target computers require.

3 Click the bulletins that you want to distribute.

For example, click the bulletins that have a high number in the Vulnerable


4 Right-click the selected bulletins, and then click Software Update Policy


If the Software Update Policy Wizard option is not available, the bulletin is

not staged. You must first stage the bulletin.

See “Staging software bulletins” on page 47.

5 (Optional) Configure the settings as needed.

See “Software Update Policy Wizard pages ” on page 51.

6 Click Next.

7 (Optional) On the second page of the wizard, check the updates that you want

to distribute.

8 If you want to activate the new software update policy, turn on the policy. To

turn on the policy, click on the colored circle and then click On.

You can also turn on the policy later.

9 Click Distribute software updates.


Sumit G.