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SEE 8.2 Client Consoles Do Not Appear

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

After manually installing SEE 8.2.1 MP 2 on a Windows 7 workstation (32bit) I have been unable to bring up either client console (admin and user). The service runs but no window appears. No error window pops up.

EAFRCliManager service starts automatically on boot. Techlogs and Windows logs have so far been uninspiring.

Taking suggestions.

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Make and model of computer?

Is sata mode operation set to AHCI?


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Dell Precision T3500. SATA operation set to RAID only.

It boots fine and the hard drive light is pegged so I'm guessing it's encrypting the disk but I have no management. Also for what it's worth the machine has not checked in with the server.

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I'd recommend contacting Symantec Support in this instance.

As your client is unable to open any of the consoles, it sounds like some sort of software issue with the Framework Client.  Might be worth installing the Framework Client on its own on a test machine to try to narrow it down?  As you say, without any logs to indicate the nature of the error, you're looking at some trial and error sad

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SEE won't work with sata operation in RAID mode.

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also check to make sure that the physical hard-drive is not solid state self-encrypting, as SEE won't install properly.  that can be quickly checked by clicking disk-drive in device manager, self-encrypting SSD will say something like SSD - FDE (full disk encrypted).