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Created: 30 Oct 2012 • Updated: 30 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Can someone help me what is the meaning and the use of these SEE components/application:

  1. SEE Framework
  2. SEE Management Server
  3. SEE Helpdesk Program
  4. SEE Full Disk Edition
  5. SEE Removable Storage Edition
  6. SEE OTP Key Changer

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I'd recommend you review the documentation (via the below link) for details on each of the various components.

For a brief overview though:

  1. Framework exists on both the server and client side.  On the server, it installs as the SEE Manager Computer/Console and is required to manage everthing.  On the client side, it acts as the agent and is the bit that communictaes with the server (see point 2 below) for policy updates and such.
  2. The Management Server is pretty self explanatory, and is required for management as well.
  3. Helpdesk is only required when using Full Disk encryption.  It's installed on the Manager Computer/Console and provides helpdesk options for getting users users who have forgotten their passwords logged on via a One Time Password.
  4. Full Disk edition provides disk encryption.  It must be installed to the Manager Computer/Console first to manage/produce the client installer.
  5. RS provides encryption for removable storage devices like CD's, USB drives and the like.  Again, this needs to be installed on the Manager Computer/Console to manage and produce the client component.
  6. The OTP key changer is only required if you need to change the Management Password, or if you lose the DB and don't have a backup.