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SEE-The system cannot end your Windows session right now.

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 04 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

After plugging in a USB drive on my Windows 7 computer and successfully creating a Windows backup, I cannot turn the computer off.  The system cannot end your Windows session right now.  SEE is applying new settings. This may take several minutes. Please try again later.  That was 10 hours ago.

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Geoffrey Smith's picture

No guarantee but I've seen something similar on some systems here. If you haven't already gotten a solution, try unregistering the user account that was logged in when the popup occurred (need to use the builtin SEE admin account if users are not permitted to un-register themselves) by logging into the SEE Administrator Client, exiting and re-registering the user.

I've seen it occur for users who were registered under an older version of GuardianEdge, upgraded to the new SEE and policy updates were not being read/updated. The unregister/re-register seemed to fix the issue, though be careful if you have a lot of removable media encrypted by a default password. Make sure the re-registration sets that password (and certificate) too.

David.H's picture

I don't know if anyone has found the solution to this yet but I have seen something similar in our environment.  For now, we have uninstalled all RS and DC clients from the machines until we have found the solution.  What I saw was that after the deployment of these two, over a period of about a month, we started to see a few machines that would not shutdown properly.  They would become slow and apps would become unresponsive and the user would either restart or shutdown the machine and bring it back up.  During the shutdown process, the computer would get stuck at the logging off screen and never change.  I saw one left up for several days and it was sitting and the shutting down screen.  I only saw one computer that showed what the user above had seen.  Since uninstalling the RS and DC from all machines approximately 3 weeks ago, we have not seen anymore issues such as this.  I can't seem to understand what could have caused this issue and I am not sure where I need to start looking to troubleshoot it.  If anyone reads this and has seen the same behavior I would reall like to know about it and what you did to troubleshoot it or at least a starting point.  Thanks in advance. 

Also, this is the first install of any kind of encryption software so there is no other old encryption software/policy that could cause any of this.